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My current concert repertoire is based on the solo piano albums “From the Summit” and “The Far View”. Included are pieces derived from my orchestral compositions, and a selection of original art songs. Reviewers have described my style as neo-classical with elements of jazz. My influences for solo piano include Keith Jarrett, Duke Ellington, George Winston and Keiko Matsui.

My approach is interactive; the audience participates with me by opening their hearts and minds so that I am informed by their awareness. The performance then becomes a light gestalt experience, and the emotions of the listeners become intertwined with my own at the center of the performance. Every concert features one or more extempore pieces, created and played in reflection of the feelings of the audience, the ambience of the setting, and the flow of life at that moment in space and time.

Unlike my mentors, I add original song lyrics to some pieces. The style has elements of Lieder and jazz, the topics cerebral. Singing gives me three things to play at once, each hand plus voice. The expressivities of a concert can be greatly enhanced with the songs, creating a more complex bond with the audience.  

Generally, a concert will last one and a half to two hours.

Requirements are simple: a piano, and for larger spaces,
a microphone and appropriate amplification. The music is meant for performance on grand pianos. For special circumstance, a smaller instrument or digital piano may be appropriate.

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