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Underscores & Backgrounds:

(These pieces are all editable to specific times)

59) UnderOne 3:41 
Featuring warm low strings over a strong slow groove, this piece ebbs and flows with strong but subtle themes. It is pensive, with tension, but also with space.

60) The Return 4:19
A triumphant and fast-paced marriage of Electronica and acoustic Piano with lush Strings. It creates a feeling of triumph over adversity.

61) Beach Walk 3:54
Going at a stroll this groove has pleasantly haunting instrumentals. There are surprises, but the overall feeling is mellow and positive.

62) Under Four 3:47
This is horror music, all orchestral instruments and effects. It features odd tempo-ed themes, grating rhythms, and spooky effects - raises those neck hairs!

64) Desert Spring 3:52
This ensemble version has a strong pop/world groove with Piano and Flute leads backed by Strings and Bass. It is New Age/Pop to the max.

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51) Apocolypse Matinee 10:17
This near feature length groove piece has acoustic and electronic Percussion blended with distorted Piano, Strings, effects and Synth parts to create a large, permeating soundscape. It waxes and wanes with thematic material embedded in the rhythm. It could do horror work, also.

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