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Interpretive Piano:

2) Carrizo Gulch 4:11 
A slow tempo-ed, descriptive and sad piece with some motion. Very nuanced, describing loneliness.

4) Cloud City 3:42 
Named for Leadville Colorado, inspirational, uplifting and thematic evoking the sky at 10,000 feet. Medium tempo.

7) Ruins by Arches 5:22
Named for Arches National Monument in Utah, it has an Americana feel with a lot of motion, a fast tempo, and blues elements.

8) Shack by the Winds 4:19
Named for the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. It has a medium slow tempo, is spacious. has a sense of direction and an Americana sound.

9) Skiing Down 3:58 
Very fast evoking a serious ski run, very rhythmic with a sense of high drama.
11) Sunlight on the Crystal 4:07
Describing the Crystal River near Aspen, Colorado, this music is meditative, positive, relaxing and uplifting.

14) Wild Babies of the Rio Grande 8:45
This piece describes a series of encounters with baby wild animals one spring near the Rio's headwaters. It has a long development of alternating themes, is childlike, and evokes a sense of wonder.


16) Cranes Dancing 3:27
This music evokes the mating ritual of Sandhill Cranes in Springtime. With a medium tempo it is thematic, positive, inspirational and whimsical.

17) Desert Spring 4:48
A celebration of spring, the music has motion and a sense of purpose, is rhythmic with an uplifting quality.

18) Drowns the Wind 5:05  
This music has strong themes, medium tempo with much rubato, is somewhat dark, very dramatic and emotionally descriptive.

19) Elk Crossing 3:39
Describes an herd of Elk crossing a road; it is funny, bluesy, and elk-like.

25) Rio Del Corazon 3:13  
This moderato music is flowing, dramatic, introspective yet uplifting. Meditative, and full of love.

26) Storm King 4:13
Like the namesake mountain, the music is dark with pensive rays of light.

27) The Far View 5:17
The title track to Allan's most current solo album is a structured, slowish piece that is uplifting, fulfilling, and improvisational.

28) The Shadow of the Divide 3:48
The Continental Divide, that is. It is aggressive, bluesy and darkly mood-setting. Think stormy weather at 14,00 feet.

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