Allan Stuart
Pianist, Vocalist & Composer




3) Chanty on the Dolores 8:00
This long piece describes adventure rafting on the raging Dolores Riverin the San Juan Mountains. Solid themes with a nautical character.

5) From the Summit 4:22  
The title track of Allan's second solo album, this medium paced music is inspirational and theatric while maintaining poigniant intimacy.

15) Awaiting the Sun 3:50
This medium slow structured piece has strong themes of a pensive, spacious character. It is fully scored with a nice improvisational section.

20) Fog Rolling In 2:40 
A fully scored piece, this music is very classical, descriptive, with a twist.

21) Lichen Logic 2:51 
Also fully scored, Lichen has lovely motion and an hymnlike interlude.

23) Mount Blanca 3:30
Medium fast, fully written, this music is melodic, uplifting, and rhythmic.

24) On the Road to Capulin 3:20
Delightful and waiflike, the music is lilting and hummable. It expresses traveling a deserted lane that leads to comfort.


41) Always Building 2:15
Reminiscent of “whistle while you work”, this fully written piece is funny, moves nicely with varied rhythmic themes.

“Allan's compositions are a
display of really great musicianship....”


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