Allan Stuart
Pianist, Vocalist & Composer




29) Lil Will's Romp 3:15 
Ragtime/Dixieland solo piano bounces out with delightful humour. A Classic sounding theme is hummable and makes the toes tap.

30) The Ice Garden 3:36
Bebop piano plays this complex fast paced music. Subtle rhythm combines with sophisticated progressions and virtuosic improvisation for an upbeat resort feel. Written at the ice rink in Aspen during a hockey game.

47) Aspen Jazz 3:10
A jazz organ leads the ensemble in this tongue-in-cheek latin number. Fast paced, in the style (a bit) of the Tijuana Brass, there is full percussion and a big bass
line to move the woofers.

48) Lil Will's Romp (ensemble) 3:15
A Dixieland band arrangement with Tbone, Clarinet, Banjo and more. Very funny and charming, featuring Piano and instrumental counterpoint.

49) Quiet Town 4:23
A jazz quartet plays this soulful ballad, featuring lead Piano, Organ, Bass and Drums. It is mellow and melodic, giving the impression of a quiet night club.


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