Allan Stuart
Pianist, Vocalist & Composer



Industrial Rock:

52) Fantasy 3:10
A quirky four part vocal is accompanied by Electronic Drums, Piano, Bass and Guitars. The lyric is a whimsical rendition of a young persons love of imagination.

53) Hiway 285 5:37
Definite road trip music featuring driving Acoustic Drums, power Guitars and Synthesizers. A complex Zappa-like melody interplays between instruments.

54) I've Seen Photos 4:00
Another driving under-rhythm from Acoustic Drums is overlaid with whistling Synth's. spoken word dialogue, quirky but thematic, weaves throughout the piece. Enigmatic and energetic at the same time.

55) James Bond Goes Fishing 2:43 
This medium grooved piece spoofs the 007 theme with Acoustic Drums and funny Synth's. Mellow but with some punch.

56) MmmmSoft 3:33
Spare but powerful with an Acoustic Drum intro, distorted Guitar and Flute an evocotive syncopated soundscape.

57) Pycho Acoustic 3:27 
Flat out obnoxious distorted Guitars deliver non-stop high energy angst. A wall of sound that hits between the eyes.  




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