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Classical Orchestrations, Holiday,
Wedding & Event:

*Denotes Christmas & Holiday music

31) A Danse Macabre 2:28
This gothic march features Harpsichord, Strings,
Tympani and Horns. It has a baroque quality that
evokes an eldritch procession.

32) Holiday Waltz 3:47*
This original fully scored waltz is happy, sparkly,
hummable and dance-able.  It is ideal for wedding or Christmas/Holiday applications. It has a strong Piano
part and full orchestral development with counter themes.

33) Incidental #1 
From the Horn call in the openning passage,
this music develops positively toward a rushing
sense of climax. It expresses triumphing over adversity.

34) Incidental #2  
Also known as "The March of the Elves", this is a
whimsical piece with good rhythm supporting a
developing String theme. It has a church-like passage
leading back to the main theme. 
35) Jingle Bells 3:16*
This classic has full orchestral bells and whistles building
nicely but emphasizing the main music of the carol.


36) Lo, How a Rose Ere Blooming 4:27*
Sensitive and tender, this spare arrangement features
lush Piano with a long solo development. Very editable
for various applications.

40) Good King Wenceslaus 3:48*  
This full bodied arrangement has clear sections with intro and  development. A strong Piano performance is augmented by delicate orchestration.

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